Late autumn annual clover pasture status – the cocksfoot/sub/balansa mix

In this second video blog taken on 7th May 2015, Lincoln University Dryland Pasture Research team member Dick Lucas discusses the status of the cocksfoot/sub clover/balansa clover dryland pasture mix. The pasture was initially established in autumn 2013 at Ashley Dene, Canterbury.

The initial species and sowing rates for this pasture mix were:
2 kg/ha ‘Greenly’ cocksfoot (orchardgrass; Dactylis glomerata)
10 kg/ha subterranean clover (5 kg/ha ‘Denmark’ plus 5 kg/ha ‘Rosabrook’; Trifolium subterraneum)
4 kg/ha of ‘Bolta’ balansa clover (Trifolium michelianum)
0.5 kg/ha ‘Tonic’ plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
0.5 kg/ha ‘Nomad’ white clover (Trifolium repens)