Ode to 2022

Posted on behalf of Prof Moot Ode to 2022, a Covid year to review, our deadly virus really off the front page No longer we fuss, no masks to discuss, gone once protesters took center stage They erected tents, cried sinners repent, the mob gathered in Parliament’s garden Turned on the hose, to those who … Read more

Ode to 2021


Posted on behalf of Prof Derrick Moot 22 December 2021 Ode to 2021, a year of limited fun, the world stopped to deal with a crisis Covid on the rise, no real surprise, a challenge harder to manage than ISIS Politics alone, cannot postpone, talk or bomb this virus out of existence It does mutate, … Read more

Ode to 2020

19 December 2020 Posted on behalf of Prof Derrick Moot   An ode to 2020, a year that delivered plenty, after Wuhan gave birth to a brand new disease Add famine, conquest and war, we’ve done this all before, there are four horseman to appease The apocalypse began, with no collective plan, and no international … Read more

Agroecology inappropriate in Africa

Prof Moot was recently sent the link below by a former CEO of Plant and Food Research Ltd. It summarises the pitfalls of “agroecology” which has recently repackaged as “Regenerative Agriculture.” The article, written by David Zaruk a professor at Odisee University College posting as the “Risk-Monger”, suggests science will win in the end because it … Read more

Autumn at Bonavaree – Challenges and opportunities under lock down

It was great to have some rain last week – it allowed Fraser Avery some time to write about his planning for lucerne and sub clover after the first autumn rains – and to reflect on missing the opportunity to host us all at Bonavaree last week. On the farm Yes it is raining! When … Read more

Agriculture and Science – Essential in a crisis

The recent rain across the country may cause pastures to green up. Stay off them if you want to have feed in spring. At this time of year it is important to get a canopy of green leaves covering the ground extensively before winter temperatures cause growth rates to slow. For dryland farmers the rain … Read more

Overseer fails as regulatory tool

In his report on Overseer the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has indicated that in its current state it does not meet the standards required of a regulatory tool (access the report here). He has recently followed this up with comments about the lack of activity by the current Government to address the issues raised. … Read more

Horehound BioControl Update 12

Note: Numbering error in title. This is Update 13 originally posted January 2020. Greetings everyone, It has been just over a year now since we first released the horehound moths, so it must be a good time to assess where they are at. Plume moth – no big news yet This one was supposed to … Read more

Ode to 2019

It is hard to remember, here in December, what’s happened to end this decade Is it just me, or is it harder to see, that truthful news is a luxury beginning to fade Say what you like, the main tactic of the right, to boldly lie is no longer a crime Do a Donald the … Read more

Farms, Forestry and Fossil Fuels

Posted on Behalf of Prof Derrick Moot: I recently provided peer review for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environments report on “Farms, forestry and fossil fuels: The next great landscape transformation?“. It rightly points out that the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from turning fossil carbon (oil and coal) into atmospheric carbon dioxide. … Read more