Grazing begins in the lucerne monocultures on 17 Sept 2015

In this video, taken on 15 Sept 2015, Prof Derrick Moot returns to the lucerne monoculture at Ashley Dene, Canterbury. This pasture underwent winter weed control and we look at how successful the herbicide application has been in relation to vegetative growth as spring grazing is initiated.

Jeffries Front Flat – the results of harvest and use for lambing feed?

The countdown to lambing is on at Bonavaree when I visited in late May. Doug and Fraser have had a really successful year with Jeffries Front Flat, and it is still looking like a productive paddock that is geared to produce well again this spring. Seed Harvest The lucerne seed harvest from this paddock was … Read more

Bumble Bees at Bonavaree

The role of Bumble bees at Bonavaree is an important one. Short tongued bumble bees (Bombus terrestris) are the principle pollinator of Lucerne. There are other bee and insect species capable of pollinating the lucerne flower, but bumble bees are the most successful. The lucerne flower produces  a tripping mechanism when an insect is pollinating … Read more