Renewing Dryland Pastures

Planning for your autumn sown annual clover based permanent pastures Order early Although it may seem a bit early to some people we thought it timely to put a reminder out for our dryland farmers to get their annual clover seed orders in to their local seed suppliers. Placing your seed orders now (before 1 … Read more

Breach Oak – Paddock renovation with Annual Dryland Clovers (January)

DRY, DRY, DRY! Marlborough has entered its drought season well and truly, but this is the norm for Marlborough, and we have had some lenient moist summers for the last couple of years. It is in a year like this that the use of drought tolerant grasses, legumes and herbs really pays dividend. Warwick has … Read more

Breach Oak – Paddock renovation with Annual Dryland Clovers

Warwick estimated that the carrying capacity of this paddock has been increased by 200%. By renovating the areas that were able to be drilled by tractor (approximately 12ha, 55% of the total paddock area), the quantity of pasture on offer within this block has been greatly improved. The increase in pasture quality is also a … Read more

Breach Oak Dryland Blog – Gland and Balansa Clover

Warwick and Lisa Lissaman’s farm (Breach Oak) is located just out of Seddon, Marlborough. Warwick has chosen two annual clover species: Gland and Balansa for us to focus on within our blogs. We will discuss the various management issues and techniques he uses to maximise production from his hill country using these two legumes, both … Read more