Sub clover dies late spring: to bury or not to bury? That’s the question!

Dryland Pastures Research Team (coordinated by Prof. D. Moot), Lincoln University Carmen Teixeira, Dick Lucas and Annamaria Mills. It is summer time New Zealand and the sub clover plants sown in last autumn have died. Few sub clover flowers are visible compared to November (see our previous post “What’s up with the Subs 4 Spring”). … Read more

What’s up with Subs 4 Spring?

An update of sub clover cultivars reproductive development – November 24, 2016.  Prepared by Carmen Teixeira, (PhD student Dryland Pastures Research Team) & Derrick Moot with the Dryland Pastures Research Team, Lincoln University It is late spring and the sub clovers plants have already flowered! This year, in Canterbury the late rains in mid-November have extended the … Read more

An introduction to current research at Ashley Dene

Monthly rainfalls have been below average here at Lincoln since April. Pasture growth rates have slowed as water stress conditions have developed and all our dryland experiments at Ashley Dene have been de-stocked earlier than usual. On Monday we released Dick Lucas, our resident annual clover guru, at Ashley Dene to talk about soils, their … Read more

Breach Oak – Paddock renovation with Annual Dryland Clovers (January)

DRY, DRY, DRY! Marlborough has entered its drought season well and truly, but this is the norm for Marlborough, and we have had some lenient moist summers for the last couple of years. It is in a year like this that the use of drought tolerant grasses, legumes and herbs really pays dividend. Warwick has … Read more

Breach Oak – Paddock renovation with Annual Dryland Clovers

Warwick estimated that the carrying capacity of this paddock has been increased by 200%. By renovating the areas that were able to be drilled by tractor (approximately 12ha, 55% of the total paddock area), the quantity of pasture on offer within this block has been greatly improved. The increase in pasture quality is also a … Read more

The Pyramid – The Arrowleaf Clover Dryland Blog (November)

It’s been a slow spring at the Pyramid. Chris has said everything seems to be slow this year (both animals and pastures), and is a common comment for most farmers up here. The place was still looking green at my last visit (14th November), with most grass species only in the very early stages of … Read more