State of the cocksfoot pastures with annual clovers in early spring

Dick Lucas talks about the cocksfoot pasture established with sub and balansa clovers on 26th Aug (beginning of the third regrowth season) in this first video (approx. 1 min). In the second he discusses the change in the ratio of the ‘Denmark’ and ‘Rosabrook’ sub clover cultivars in the cocksfoot/sub clover pasture (approx. 1 min).
In contrast to the ryegrass-based pastures, discussed in the earlier clips, grazing has not yet started in either of the the cocksfoot-based mixes. The ryegrass pastures were not grazed over winter and had about 4 months regrowth on them whereas these cocksfoot based pastures are currently showing growth accumulated over the past 6 weeks (since removal of the ram hoggets used for the winter clean up graze).