Alexandre Varella

PhD (2002)

Modelling lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) crop response to light regimes in an agroforestry system (PDF 12.4 MB)

Research Overview

Alex explained the agronomic and physiological changes in lucerne caused by changes in the physical radiation environment of an agroforestry system where the crop was intermittently shaded by the overstory pine trees. The potential of lucerne to for use as an understory crop in agroforestry systems was determined. In addition, an unshaded lucerne stand was monitored and to simulate the physical radiation environment an alternative shade structure constructed from wooden slats was evaluated. The aim of the slatted structure was to recreate the alternating sun/shade pattern. Alex was supervised by Derrick Moot, David McNeil and Dick Lucas.

Alex is currently working as the U.S.A. as the coordinator of the Brazilian Agriculture Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) Labex program.