Alistair Black

PhD (2004)

A comparison of Caucasian and white clovers in temperate pastures (PDF 11.2 MB)

Research Overview

For his PhD Alistair defined the range of adaptation of Caucasian (Trifolium ambiguum) and white (Trifolium repens) clovers within temperate pastures. The experiments defined observed differences in relation to temperature, soil moisture status, soil fertility (sulphur and phosphorus), and grazing management. The competitive ability of the seedling clovers was also investigated to help define appropriate methods for successful establishment strategies which have been developed based on the known physiological responses of each of the clovers. Dry matter and sheep liveweight production from white and or Caucasian clover based pastures was measured. Alistair was supervised by Mr Dick Lucas and Dr Derrick Moot. 

After working for several years at the Teagasc Grange Beef Research Centre, Ireland, Alistair returned to Lincoln University. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Plant Science within the Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty. Alistair teaches into a range of undergraduate Plant Science courses and supervises postgraduate students at Honours, Masters and PhD levels. Alistair’s academic bio can be viewed here.