Arulmageswaran (Arul) Shampasivam

PhD Candidate

Yield and botanical composition of irrigated multispecies pasture mixes

Research overview

The production, composition and stability over time of multi-pasture species is a topic of much debate at the moment. Arul is examining how the addition of more species adds to the yield and changes the composition of pastures over time. He is using six species in all possible combinations to answer this pasture ecology question. The results will provide guidance for pasture mixes used by farmers and inform pasture growth estimates under irrigated conditions. This work is part of the Hill Country Futures programme (BLNZT1701) funded by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, MBIE, Seed Force New Zealand and PGG Wrightson Seeds. Arul is co-supervised by Dr Alistair Black and Professor Derrick Moot.