Cameron Hassall

B.Ag.Sci. Honours (2017)

Dry matter production and botanical composition of multi-species pasture mixtures during the second year after establishment (PDF 31.9MB)

Research Overview

Cameron carried out a mixture experiment to investigate the dry matter yield and botanical composition of pasture three years after sowing in response to the proportions of four species in the original seed mixture (perennial ryegrass, plantain, white clover and red clover). The modelled analysis showed that five two-species mixtures and one three-species mixture showed significant species interactions and subsequent yield increases over the mean of their component monocultures. Species interactions and botanical compositions within the mixtures were not consisitent over time; the optimal mixture (ryegrass, plantain and red clover) displayed transgressive overyielding over six of the eight sampling dates. Cameron was supervised by Dr Alistair Black.