Hollena Nori

PhD (2013)

The development and growth of annual clovers for use in dryland pasture (PDF 15.2 MB)

Research Overview

Hollena’s PhD quantified development and growth characteristics of arrowleaf, balansa, gland and Persian clovers for introduction to New Zealand dryland pastures. The research explained how plant development was driven by temperature and modified by photoperiod for each species studied. The physiologically based developmental models calibrated in this study can be extrapolated to other environments. Crop growth in relation to canopy expansion, light interception and the efficiency of conversion to dry matter was quantified and the trade-off between growth and development was described. Seed production and ability of seedlings to regenerate in the following season was investigated. Hollena was supervised by Prof. Derrick Moot and Dr Alistair Black.

Hollena returned to Malaysia after completing her PhD and is currently a lecturer focusing on agricultural science with the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology at the University of Malaysia, Sarawak.