Jenna Van Housen

PhD (2015)

Modelling the temporal and spatial variation of evapotranspiration from irrigated pastures in Canterbury (PDF 92.9 MB)

Research Overview

Jenna investigated the relationships between actual evapotranspiration and canopy development of irrigated ryegrass-based dairy pastures at three different sites in Canterbury. The project evaluated and validated methods commonly applied to estimate potential crop evapotranspiration from pastures. The ‘DairyMod’ and ‘HYDRUS-1D’ models were used to simulate soil water flow, and lysimeter-based estimates of actual evapotranspiration. Methods examined for modeling potential crop evapotranspiration included the use of a crop coefficient time series and a number commonly applied single-layer models including Penman-Monteith, FAO-modified Penman-Monteith and Priestley-Taylor, and the dual-layer dual crop coefficient and Shuttleworth-Wallace models. This project was supervised by Prof Derrick Moot, Prof Bruce McKenzie, Dr Alistair Black and the late Associate Prof Graeme Buchan.

After completing her PhD Jenna returned to Aqualinc Research Limited where she worked as a Water Resource Scientist.