Jian (Frank) Liu

M.Ag.Sci. Candidate

Modelling growth and development of dryland lucerne

Research Overview

Jian is doing a part time Masters supervised by Professor Moot. He will utilise previous lucerne data from dryland experiments to model lucerne growth and development under water stress environment using APSIM_Lucerne.  The study will also explore options to develop decision making tools to assist farmers to sustain the farming system in a drier future. Jian is from China and is working in the modelling team in Plant & Food Research located at the Lincoln campus. He is supported by Dr Henry Chau from Lincoln University, Dr Hamish Brown and Dr Linley Jesson from Plant & Food Research. The work is part of the Hill Country Futures programme (BLNZT1701) funded by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, MBIE, Seed Force New Zealand and PGG Wrightson Seeds.