Juliano Oliveira

PhD (2015)

Growth and development of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) crops after different cool season storage (PDF 2.7 MB)

Research Overview

Juliano investigated how differences in the physiological age of seed potatoes, as modified by differences in storage conditions defined by accumulated thermal time prior to planting, impacted on the subsequent growth, development and yield of potato crops. His hypothesis was that if seed potato physiological age was an important source of yield variation it must impact on at least one of the parameters of yield (radiation interception, radiation use efficiency (RUE) or harvest index (HI)). Tuber storage temperature and duration did not affect yield and indicated, within a cultivar, that radiation interception, RUE and HI were stable. However, tuber size distribution could be altered by whether the seed potatoes were sown with or without sprouts which offers a new management strategy to manipulate size distribution for growers supplying commercial processors. The project was supervised by Prof. Derrick Moot, Dr Alan Gash and Dr Hamish Brown (Plant & Food Research, Lincoln).

Juliano was employed as a Lecturer in Crop Science and Agronomy at Lincoln University until 2020. He then returned to South America to farm.