Louise Livesey

B.Ag.Sci. Honours (2014)

Strategies to improve sheep liveweight gains and dry matter production of dryland tall fescue/clover pastures in Canterbury (PDF 2.2 MB)

Research Overview

Tall fescue is a deep-rooted grass that tolerates heat and drought, and is becoming a popular alternative to ryegrass in drier regions. Louise studied the effects of tall fescue cultivar (‘Advance’ and ‘Flecha’), clover species (white and sub clovers), soil fertility (Olsen P 8 and 18 mg/L), and their interactions on lamb growth and dry matter production from the swards in the sixth year of a long-term grazing trial. Results of this study indicated that ‘Advance’ tall fescue should be sown with ‘Denmark’ subterranean clover in high fertile soils as a strategy to improve sheep liveweight gains and DM production of dryland tall fescue swards in Canterbury. Louise was supervised by Dr Alistair Black.