Lucy Egan

PhD (2020)

Germplasm exploration and phenotyping in Trifolium species for the improvement of agronomic traits and abiotic stress tolerance (PDF 5.0MB)

Research Overview

Lucy’s project involved a series of studies utilising pedigree and genomic data were conducted to analyse variation in Trifolium accessions in the Margot Forde Germplasm Centre and in white clover breeding populations. Pedigree analysis experiments were designed to develop pedigree maps, calculate inbreeding and kinship coefficients, calculate the effective number of founders and identify influencing founders and ancestors for Trifolium repens (white clover), T. pratense (red clover), T. arvense (haresfoot clover), T. ambiguum (Caucasian clover), T. dubium (suckling clover), T. hybridum (alsike clover), T. medium (zig zag clover), T. subterraneum (subterranean clover) and T. repens x T. occidentale interspecific hybrids. Lucy was supervised by Associate Professor Rainer Hofmann with Valerio Hoyos-Villegas from AgResearch in her PhD programme.

Lucy is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CSIRO in Australia.