Marcus Talamini Jr.

PhD (2022)

Responses of four temperate perennial pasture grasses to two different soil moisture and nitrogen fertiliser treatments

Research overview

How do cocksfoot (orchardgrass), tall fescue, brome and perennial ryegrass grow under water stress with different levels of nitrogen? This question is being answered by a five year field experiment on shallow and stony soils. It examines the rooting depth, water use efficiency and light use efficiency of monocultures following on from the PhD of Shirin Sharifiamina. This researchis part of the Hill Country Futures programme (BLNZT1701) funded by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, MBIE, Seed Force New Zealand and PGG Wrightson Seeds. Arul is supervised by Professor Derrick Moot and Associate Professor Rainer Hofmann.