Natalie Stocker

B.Ag.Sci. Honours (2011)

Effect of grazing management on lucerne production and persistence (PDF 4.1 MB)

Research Overview

Natalie investigated whether greater flexibility could be incorporated into grazed dryland lucerne systems. This project focused specifically on the effect of different spring grazing management, on animal and plant production. This was achieved by applying set stocking, semi-set stocking of full rotational grazing managements to ewes grazing with twin lambs at foot. The amount and composition of perennial (crown and root) dry matter was quantified and used as a surrogate to indicate the impact of grazing on lucerne stand persistence. This project was supervised by Dr Derrick Moot.

After almost nine years working in research and technical extension positions for Seed Force Ltd, Natalie is now a director of N&A Enterprises Ltd.