Richard Chynoweth

PhD Candidate (current) and M.Ag.Sci. (2012)

PhD Research overview

Richard is completing his PhD part time with Professor Moot. He is still working for the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) where he is responsible for herbage seed production. His PhD topic is trying to understand the causes of differences in flowering time of perennial ryegrass in relation to their place of origin.

Master of Agricultural Science Research Overview

Seed growth and development of three perennial ryegrass cultivars after treatment with ‘Moddus’ straw shortener (PDF 1.6 MB)

Richard’s project quantified the timing and duration of different phases in perennial ryegrass seed and quantify them using thermal time following anthesis while concurrently investigating change in stem weight. This allowed for an understanding of how the stem and seed compete for assimilate during the seed filling process. The experiment quantified the effects of Moddus (a.i. 250 g/L Trinexapac ethyl) at three rates which was applied to three diploid perennial ryegrass cultivars sown at two dates at Lincoln University. The implications of the results related to future plant breeding and seed production objectives are discussed. Richard was supervised by Professor Derrick Moot.