Serkan Ates

PhD (2009)

Grazing management of subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) in South Island (New Zealand) summer dry pastures (PDF 4.5 MB)

Research Overview

Serkan’s PhD compared pasture and animal performance of dryland sheep pastures based on annual or perennial legumes growing with cocksfoot or perennial ryegrass. This was used to develop grazing management guidelines in spring that optimise stock liveweight production without compromising subterranean clover persistence and production. Pasture yields and quality were measured annually and seasonally and the effect of how stocking rate and closing time in spring affected flowering, seed production, seedling establishment and pasture production of subterranean clover in cocksfoot dominant pastures was described.

Serkan is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at Oregon State University.