Thinzar Soe Myint

PhD Candidate

The physiological processes determining the design of optimal seed mixtures for temperate pastures

Research overview

Thinzar’s research will explain how increasing plant species diversity affects pasture growth and quality. Her field experiment at Lincoln University involves ten monocultures and mixtures of perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain repeated at two sowing rates and two levels of nitrogen fertiliser. Thinzar takes regular and detailed measurements of pasture light interception and canopy development to explain dry matter yields and nutritive values. Thinzar is a NZ Aid Scholar supervised by Dr Alistair Black, Dr Tom Maxwell and Professor Derrick Moot. Her work is part of the Hill Country Futures programme (BLNZT1701) funded by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, MBIE, Seed Force New Zealand and PGG Wrightson Seeds.