Late autumn annual clover pasture status – the cocksfoot/sub clover mix

In this video we look at the third of the dryland pasture mixes which forms part of our grass/clover experiment at Ashley Dene, Canterbury. (approx. 6 mins)This pasture was established with:2 kg/ha ‘Greenly’ cocksfoot (orchardgrass; Dactylis glomerata)10 kg/ha subterranean clover (5 kg/ha ‘Denmark’ plus 5 kg/ha ‘Rosabrook’; Trifolium subterraneum)0.5 kg/ha ‘Tonic’ plantain (Plantago lanceolata)0.5 kg/ha … Read more

An introduction to current research at Ashley Dene

Monthly rainfalls have been below average here at Lincoln since April. Pasture growth rates have slowed as water stress conditions have developed and all our dryland experiments at Ashley Dene have been de-stocked earlier than usual. On Monday we released Dick Lucas, our resident annual clover guru, at Ashley Dene to talk about soils, their … Read more

Bog Roy – After the rain…

 Posted on behalf of Lisa at Bog Roy Station Since our last blog, autumn has finally arrived, along with a very welcome inch of rain last week. Prior to the rain, feed levels were getting very tight. All the lucerne and lucerne mix paddocks have had at least a six week spell, and since all … Read more

Bog Roy Station – Background on the three areas

1. Rough Gully: This is about a 30 ha block, originally sown in 2007, which was subsequently subdivided into 3 paddocks, each approximately 9 ha at the end of 2010. The pasture mix comprises lucerne and cocksfoot. We started cage cuts on this area last season, and although Dryland, it outperformed all other measured areas … Read more