Measuring yield on-farm

On this page you’ll find information and resources about how to measure dry matter yield on-farm. In addition, we’ve provided links to the AgYields database, a national repository for yield and phenological data measured in New Zealand, and how to enter you data if you want to make your data available nationally.

How to measure yield on-farm


Below is a link to a playlist on our YouTube channel ( The series of videos outline how to measure pasture yield on-farm. You can follow the link above to go directly to the channel above if looking for a video with specific information.

When selecting an area of the paddock ensure it is representative to get the average production. For example avoid:

  • urine patches
  • uneven ground
  • stock camps
  • gateways/fence lines
  • troughs
  • tracks
  • tram lines
  • low lying areas prone to flooding within the paddock after high rainfall events
  • ridges/humps
  • high traffic areas which may be compacted
  • areas with botanical composition or plant populations that differ from the majority of the paddock

The AgYields Database


AgYields instructions

AgYields Help videos