Beef + Lamb New Zealand Field Day – Banks Peninsula

This field day is another Beef + Lamb issues based Field day for Canterbury. I have been to the Marlborough based days, and they are truely worth attending. The theme for this field day is highly topical for dryland farmers: Profitable Lucerne and Lamb production. Derrick Moot (Lincoln University) and Tom Fraser (AgResearch) will be available to answer any questions you have regarding Lucerne management and Lamb finishing. The BBQ’s afterwards are also pretty good!!!!

Here is the information you need to know:

Friday 26th October: Beef + Lamb New Zealand Farming for Profit -Banks Peninsula Field Day  **Funded by Farmer levies**

 Where: Hamish & Annabel Craw’s property, 971 Chorlton Rd, Little Akaloa- meet at the woolshed

 When: 1-5pm BBQ and refreshments provided

 Topic – Profitable Lucerne and Lamb production

The day will provide a great chance to ask questions of Lucerne and pasture experts Derrick Moot and Tom Fraser

The Craw’s have a high performance operation aiming to optimize lamb production per hectare in a challenging summer dry climate. Their forage operation includes pure and mixed Lucerne stands as well as summer brassica crops. The focus of the day will be on the agronomy of the Lucerne plant, and what its role is in the feed supply. The day will also compare stock performance and the pro’s and con’s of pure Lucerne swards verses pasture and Lucerne/grass mixes.

 Contact: Please contact Tom Fraser for more info