Horehound BioControl Update 5

Greetings everyone,

We have reached a major milestone today – this morning the application to introduce two biocontrol agents for horehound has now been formally lodged with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The EPA now has up to 10 working days to acknowledge the application had been received and to post it on their website to open the formal public consultation period. Past experience tells us it is usually a lot faster than the full 10 working days. Sometimes even only a day or two.

If you would like to make a submission during the formal public consultation period, please keep a close eye in the coming days on the EPA page dedicated to applications open for public submissions to find out when the consultation period opens (and closes!).

Please also spread the word out if you know of anyone who might like to participate in the public consultation process.

Best wishes,
Ronny & Gavin

Dr Ronny Groenteman
Biocontrol Scientist
Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
Phone: +64 3 321 9904
Email: GroentemanR@landcareresearch.co.nz
Website: www.landcareresearch.co.nz
Gavin (Snow) Loxton
Sawdon Station
PO Box 9
Lake Tekapo 7945
New Zealand
Mobile: 0274412214
Email: sawdon@lupins.nz
Website: www.lupins.nz

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