Bonavaree – Establishing Bonavaree Mix Paddock from Omaka Barley

The journey to a new paddock of Bonavaree mix (Prairie Grass, Lucerne, Plantain) is well under way now. We visited the North Face paddock again last week, and it was looking vastly  different to last time, see photos below. From this to this Plans for this paddock from our last visit went according to schedule … Read more

Bonavaree – Lambing onto Omaka Barley (North Face)

Omaka Barley is a great crop to use at Bonavaree. Barley is used here because it really fits in well with the Avery’s system. The Omaka variety has been bred locally, and is very suitable for reliable dry matter production in a Marlborough dryland environment. It is a multipurpose crop at Bonavaree, in that it … Read more